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Amazing Things to do in Bunbury

It is well worth your time to go to Bunbury, a charming seaside town located around two hours’ drive from Perth. There are ton of amazing things to do in Bunbury. The allure of Bunbury is derived from the fact that it has both exposed and hidden beaches, as well as alleyways filled with quaint shops and cosy cafés. The following is a list of some of our favourite places to visit in Bunbury.

1. Ngilgi Cave

Ngilgi Cave is located one and a half hours’ drive from Bunbury. But the journey will be worth it for the beautifully formed concretions. They offer a partially guided tour, and then you can explore the caves at your own pace and inclination.

2. Check out the Tuart Forest National Park

On your way to Ngilgi Cave, visit the Tuart Forest National Park. The massive trees offer a glimpse into the beauty of ancient Australia. The hollows of these ancient trees provide homes for endangered western ringtail possums. 

3. Seek serenity at the Jetty Baths beach

If you wish for something quieter, you’ll love Jetty Baths. The waters surrounding the beach are shallow and almost still. It is perfect for kids to build sandcastles. You can take a dip in the water while the kids busy themselves at the nearby playground.

4. Take in the City on a Bike

The people of Bunbury love their outdoors. Hence, there are plenty of charming walking and biking trails around. Get your caffeine fix for the day at Melo Velo, and then rent a bike. Then off you go for a day of cycling around. You can even rent a bike from the Bunbury Visitor Center.

5. Discover Aboriginal Culture

The Nagaland Wongi Aboriginal Cultural Tour can take you on a voyage into the rich depths of indigenous heritage. Troy Bennell is the local tour guide who will take you on a walk into another era. The tour will include a walk across the Bunbury Estuary and mangroves. You can pick black apples and wash your hands with foaming wattle leaves.

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