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Beach Camping

The idea of beach camping is wonderful in principle, but frequently not as enjoyable as imagined. The sand tends to get everywhere, the wind may be blowing, there’s little protection from the harsh sun, and in reality there are not that many places in the South West, where beach camping is permitted. It’s not allowed at Peppermint Grove Beach, but fortunately our holiday home provides a much more comfortable and yet still affordable experience.

By visiting Peppermint Grove Beach instead, people yearning for the beauty and tranquillity of the South West, can save themselves the extra hour’s drive to Margaret River or Yallingup and enjoy a fabulous holiday that rivals any beach camping experience. You can visit our stunning Horizons apartment, with its incredible ocean views for a great holiday experience.

Beach camping may be tempting, but the reality is you may well be right next to other individuals, groups, and families who are also seeking the same peace and tranquillity. The end result is typically a lot less isolated than you may have hoped for. Our holiday home guarantees complete privacy and has its own secluded outdoor area for BBQs and alfresco dining.

Beach camping sounds earthy and appealing, but there is nothing quite like the many comforts and luxuries of a real home; a place where you can enjoy a long, hot shower or relaxing warm spa before settling down onto a plush sofa and chilling out with friends, your partner or family. At Peppermint Tree Lodge Accommodation, we always strive to go that extra mile for our guests, as we believe their stay should be memorable. We also like to provide a free bottle of quality locally made wine, along with locally produced cheese and freshly baked bread, to make your stay more enjoyable.

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Peppermint Tree Lodge takes pride in its South-west accommodation. We strive to give the best customer experience at our location.