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Must-Do Things in Bunbury

The gorgeous coastal town of Bunbury is located around two hours’ drive from Perth and is well worth the trip if you have the opportunity. Bunbury is charming due to its abundance of beaches (both secluded and public), charming boutiques, and cosy cafes. We have compiled a list of Must-Do Things in Bunbury. Here is a selection of the best tourist destinations in and around Bunbury, Western Australia, which we highly endorse.

1. Stroll along Victoria Street

Elegant Georgian residences and Victorian structures may be seen all along Victoria Street. You can hang out in trendy cafes, go shopping at boutique shops and eat at restaurants that provide creative food.

2. Wine and Dine: Taffy’s is the place to go to satisfy your need for sweets

At Taffys, you can see the traditional process of making saltwater taffy being carried out. They use skilled hands to draw the taffy, and then they wrap it using the traditional technique. To gratify your burning desire for something sweet, you have the option of purchasing your very own bag stuffed to the brim with taffy candy.

3. Wine and Dine: Stop by Corners on the Bay for a cup of coffee

Corners on the Bay is the perfect setting for a cup of coffee and some people-watching. The restaurant has a patio that looks out over the water. However, you may need to schedule a reservation beforehand.

4. Wine and Dine: Have dinner at Mojo’s

Mojo’s serves some delectable dishes, and you can buy craft beer and wine. The restaurant stays open from Tuesday to Thursday from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. And the bottle shop is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

5. Wine and Dine: Get your nightcap at LostBil

lLostBill is a small cocktail bar with a great selection of chilly beer, cocktails, and local fine wine. Go there for a nip or start your night out with a drink at this tiny bar. The bar is cosy in winter and offers a refreshing breather in summer, and the beats are always soulful.

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