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The Best Things to do in Bunbury

It is definitely worth your time to visit Bunbury, a picturesque beach town around two hours’ drive from Perth. Bunbury’s hidden and exposed beaches, alleys with cute stores, and cosy cafés make it appealing. The following is a list of some of our most recommended vacation spots in Bunbury, Western Australia.

1. Visit the farmer’s market

Explore a burst of flavours at the Bunbury Farmers Market. You can stock up on exotic ingredients like truffle oil or treats such as quince jelly and zucchini pickles. Spend the day feasting on delectable dishes and drinking cold-pressed juice and refreshing smoothies.

2. Visit the Bunbury lighthouse

Photographers seem to have a particular fondness for the exterior of the Bunbury lighthouse, which is striped in black and white. The lighthouse towers 25 metres into the air and provides a panoramic view of the sea for as far as 27 kilometres.

3. Climb the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower

Where previously stood Bunbury’s first lighthouse, the Marlston Hill Lookout now provides a vantage point for passing ships. From this vantage point, the coastlines of Geographe Bay, Bunbury Harbour, and east Koombana Bay are all well visible in their outline form.

4. Go on a wine-tasting tour

The Geographe Wine Region and the Blackwood Valley Wine Region are both reachable from Bunbury, which acts as a gateway to these two areas. The wine areas are beautiful and make for enjoyable drives. Try out the Geographe Alternative Wine Trail to get a taste of the region’s creative wines and get a peek at the Italian history that the area is known for.

4. Visit the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre

Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre brings together contemporary art and depicts stories in innovative ways. The museum displays art sourced from the Western Australia Museum, Le Havre Museum of Natural History, and the New York Public Library. You can view pieces from private collectors such as Kerry Stokes and Andrew Forrest.

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