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A List of Things to Do and Places to Visit Around Busselton

So, what are the best things to do and places to visit in Busselton? Busselton, located on the southwest tip of Western Australia, is a short hop from the world-renowned Margaret River wine region.  Twice crowned as Western Australia’s Top Tourism Town, it is known for its sheltered beach and seasonal humpback whales.  Most importantly, it is famous for its 19th-century jetty.  In conclusion, Busselton satisfies all tastes and budgets. For more information on Busselton, please visit;

Busselton Jetty

Crowned as the Top Major Tourist Attraction in 2018, the Busselton Jetty is a must-see when you visit Busselton.  The jetty is 1.8 km long and ranks as the longest in the Southern Hemisphere and second longest in the world.  Visit the Busselton Jetty, the greatest artificial reef in Australia, and explore the natural wonders that lie beneath it. For more information, please visit;

Underwater Observatory

Firstly, explore one of only six underwater observatories in the world at the Busselton Jetty.  Descend 8-metres below the ocean’s surface to marvel at the vividly-coloured tropical and sub-tropical corals, sponges, fish and invertebrates.  Further, observe more than 300 marine species in their natural habitat through the viewing windows at various levels. For more information, please visit;

Jetty Train

Secondly, experience the solar-powered electric jetty train, which is the perfect way to experience Busselton Jetty.  Sit back and relax on your 1.7 km journey across the calm, clear waters of Geographe Bay.  Enjoy the glimpses of dolphins frolicking as you journey. For more information, please visit;

Seasonal Activities

Thirdly, enjoy the summer activities such as mermaid tours, jet boat adventures, diving, snorkelling, under-sea walk, canoe tours and creative art classes.  You can make a booking for any of the following activities as follows; Email: Phone: 9754 0900 Or visit the Interpretive Centre at the base of the jetty

Dive, Snorkel and Undersea Walk

Be at this amazing and wonder-filled place beneath the Busselton Jetty that has changing views from minute to minute.  Get up close and personal with the amazing marine world.

Jet Boat Adventures

Go on a jet boat thrill ride adventure on the open waters.  Experience exhilarating 270o spins, power brake stops, donuts & fishtails with a speed of up to 90 km/hour.

Canoe Tours

Firstly, take off on a 1.5-hour journey along and under the longest timber piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.  Secondly, explore the marine life of Busselton. And finally, learn all about the environment & sustainability as well as the history of Geographe Bay.

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